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PEG provides advisory services, research and recommendations, valuations related to the sale of companies or assets and assists in negotiations. PEG provides exemplary assistance whatever the transaction size is.

Vocational School for Sale
Location: California (Burbank)
Asking Price: Between $500 Thousand and $1 Million ($600,000)

Bartending School - Two Locations - Absentee Owner
Location: California
Asking Price: Between $100 Thousand and $500 Thousand ($139,000)


PEG provides advisory services, research and recommendations related to the acquisition of companies in regard to valuation and negotiations. With its over a decade of helping individuals and companies, PEG ensures success in each transaction regardless of its size.

Home-Based Part-Time Telephone Sales Business

Asking Price:Between $100 Thousand and $500 Thousand ($180,000)

Vocational School and Fitness Center
Location: Other Florida (Manatee)
Asking Price: Between $1 Million and $2.5 Million ($1,400,000)


With its 11 years of helping clients , PEG associates and professionals have the knowledge and experience providing the highest quality of experience regardless of transaction amount:

  1. Financial services including loans, mezzanine finances & venture capital
  2. Market research
  3. Collaborative international and national ventures
  4. Articulation agreement
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