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Pro Education Group is at the forefront of Educational  Marketing, Recruitment and Student Enrollment. We have  been a reliable solutions specialist to our partner institutions since 2004. Now, after more than a decade of Pro Education Group remains your premier resource for student recruitment and marketing management needs. We work directly with your admissions officers to identify the best students for your school and we help you engage with only the most qualified applicants.

Targeted Reach

Quality students are the key to higher education success. Pro Education Group helps you develop recruitment strategies that will connect you with the most promising students. Students find your school through trusted non-branded search results and our user-friendly recruitment systems and smart recruitment tools make student recruitment easy. Make sure that the right students find your school with Pro Education Group!

Quality Upgrades

At Pro Education Group, we stand behind our products and services, recruiting promising students for schools. Join the team now with a 30-day free trial!

Student Enquiry Management

We utilize a platform to manage students who enroll in your program. When students inquire about school, they are automatically enrolled in your platform, allowing you to manage, have an oversight and manage your communication with your potential students.

Customized Packages

You can customize your reach to recruit a student by state, country or zip code! Each package is individually customized for you and your needs.

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